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There are long established Private Hospitals in Cardiff and surrounding areas, but there are certain advantages we have, and hence why so many patients chose us over them.


We are proud to be the most affordable consultant ultrasound scanning service in Wales. Our fees of £195 for a diagnostic ultrasound scan is the lowest of any private hospital or clinic in Wales and Southwest. We are 100s of pounds cheaper than other clinics – don’t believe us, contact them, and see for yourself.

Why are we so much more affordable? Being a smaller facility than a big hospital, we have smaller overheads and hence are able to pass this saving on to you. We are a challenger clinic and want to make Private care affordable – which makes us very popular. Patients travel from very far to see our consultants as they not only get exceptional care, but also at fraction of the price.

No Referral Needed

Unlike Private Hospitals, we do not require a referral for an ultrasound scan from your GP or another health professional. If we feel that an ultrasound scan is not appropriate for your condition, we will inform you of that and advise on an alternative where possible. Obtaining referrals can cause delays. Some GPs and Health Professionals charge for private referrals. If you cannot obtain a referral from your GP, Private Hospitals will offer you the opportunity to pay their own private GP to get a referral. If you already have a referral, please send it to us when you book.

We feel that this whole process adds cost and delays your care.


Being a clinic centred on providing a bespoke service, we try our best to fit the appointment that best suits you. We have an out-of-hours ultrasound service for last-minute requests especially for those with busy schedules.

Ease of Access

We are on the High Street with adjacent parking in the Heart of the Community in Penarth – it does not get easier to reach us.

No Waiting  

We aim to get your scan done as soon as possible, we have so far had a 100% same-week booking rate. We have regular clinics during the week and there is availability to suit your needs.


Going to a big hospital can sometimes feel like being on a conveyor belt of patients. We work as a close-knit team of dedicated staff and provide you with a personalised service. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all policy. What works for you is unique to you.

Consultant Selection Criteria

We only work with experienced and well-respected Consultants who are experts in their fields. Simply being a consultant is not enough for us.