Private Ultrasound Clinic in the Heart of Penarth

High Quality Consultant Led Diagnosis and Treatment

About us

We are on a mission to bringing high quality affordable specialist care to the heart of the community in Penarth and Cardiff. We only work with established experts in the field so you can be assured that you receive excellent care. We are Wales’ first consultant led private ultrasound service in the community. Unlike other community based ultrasound clinics which are not regulated by the Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW), our consultants and clinical work is heavily regulated by the General Medical Council, HIW and Royal College of Radiologists’ standards. In the coming months, we will be expanding the types of services we offer.

Why patients choose us

The Clinic

The Clinic is located in Penarth, a beautiful seaside town next to Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The Clinic is equipped with the latest Samsung Ultrasound equipment which is hygienically cleaned and sanitsed before and after every use. Unlike hospitals which have a large footfall of the public, we only have patients visiting at specific times which makes it a safer environment in the current times.


Affordable Care

We are the most affordable consultant lead private ultrasound service in Wales, that is our price promise.

Timely Care

Your health is important, get an appointment with no waiting list and speed up your road to recovery.

Trusted Expert Care

We only work with established experts in the field so you can be assured that you receive excellent care.

Exceptional Care

Our Doctors and clinic staff pride ourselves in providing a personalised and discreet service.

Our COnsultants

Dr Syed Junaid


Consultant Radiologist

Dr Junaid is a well respected consultant radiologist with expertise in all aspects of general, musculoskeletal and sports imaging diagnosis and intervention...
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Dr Huw Edwards


Consultant Radiologist

Dr Huw Edwards

Dr Edwards is a consultant radiologist who specialises in general and musculoskeletal radiology and ultrasound.

Dr Imran Lasker


Consultant Radiologist

Dr Lasker is a musculoskeletal and general radiologist at Basildon Hospital in Essex. He graduated from University College of London, followed by radiology training at Northwick Park Hospital and Trauma and Musculoskeletal Fellowships at the St Mary's Hospital in London.

Dr Thomas Micic


Consultant Adult & Paediatric Radiologist

Dr Thomas Micic is an accomplished consultant radiologist who provides a tertiary level specialist service at the University Hospital of Wales, Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff and the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend. Dr Micic is actively involved in teaching and research and leads the training for paediatric radiology at the National Imaging Academy of Wales.

Ms Sian Richards


Acorn Consultant Sonographer

Specialist in Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Ms Richards is a Senior Consultant Sonographer at Acorn and has expertise in a wide range of sonography but in particular gynaecological scanning. Sian is also the Lead Sonographer Superintendent in her NHS department, and she brings with her vast experience in providing excellent personalised care.

Ms Sophie Wong


Acorn Consultant Sonographer

Specialist in Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Sophie Wong

Ms. Wong is an experienced senior independent sonographer with 10 years of experience working with leading NHS and private hospitals in South Wales.
I would thoroughly recommend Acorn clinic. Personally I have been very well looked after - I got in touch re pain in my foot... & after having insoles in my shoes & then a scan... followed by a cortisone injection, my pain has now gone! All within weeks! Excellent
Patient Feedback
The Acorn team are fantastic. Had severe pain in my foot and ankle area. Was seen by Pretesh who referred me for an ultrasound and then injection using ultrasound of my tendon with Dr Junaid. Was really scared to be honest at first as I am dead scared of needles but Dr Junaid was very good and skilled. Pain is now much better and I am on the rehab program with the podiatry team.
Patient Feedback
Received a professional service for my shoulder scan. Was seen by Dr Junaid the consultant who was excellent and I received the ultrasound images with the report. Would recommend.
Patient Feedback