Price: £300 (Includes diagnostic scan and ultrasound-guided injection)

Steroid (cortisone) injections or shots are performed to help with pain, inflammation and assist in rehabilitation.

Steroid injections have been used for many years and are generally safe for most patients.

The injection can be performed for joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Our expert consultant radiologists perform more than 50 different types of injections.

Why use ultrasound guidance?

This allows us to precisely deliver the medication and be sure that the treatment works best for you. Some injections can be performed without ultrasound but this reduces their success rate. Many injections can only be performed with ultrasound guidance due to the nature of their location and difficulty.

Examples of Steroid Injections using Ultrasound we offer:

Shoulder – Glenohumeral joint injection
Shoulder – subacromial subdeltoid bursa injection
Shoulder – AC joint injection
Shoulder – Barbotage of calcific tendinopathy
Shoulder – Biceps tendon injection
Shoulder – Sternoclavicular joint injection
Shoulder – Suprascapular nerve block

Elbow – intra-articular joint injections
Elbow – Tendon injection – extensor or flexor origin for tennis or golfer’s elbow.

Wrist joint injection
Wrist tendon injections
Ganglion aspiration and injection

Hand joint injections
Finger tendon injection
Trigger release finger injection
Small joints of hands injections – CMC, MCP, PIP joints

Hip joint injections
Trochanteric bursa injection
Hip psoas tendon injection
Lateral Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh injection

Knee joint injection
Patella tendon injection
Knee tendon injection

Ankle joint injection
Achilles tendon paratenon stripping
Achilles bursa injection
Os trigonum injection
Ankle tendon injection

Foot Plantar fascia injection
Foot – Morton neuroma or bursa injection
Foot small joint injections – TMT, MTP, IP joints
Foot tendon injections
Plantar plate injection

We can inject various superficial nerves for pain relief and diagnosis