Infertility assessment & treatment monitoring

Ultrasound is used as part of infertility assessment. It is also used to monitor the folicles in natural fertility/conception.

If you are having fertility treatment/assissted conception/IVF, then you may need follicle tracking and endometrial thickeness assessment.

What do we assess




Fillopian tube blockage

Follicle tracking

Luteal cyst

Your scan includes
What does the scan involve?

The operator will use water based jelly and a probe to visualise the pelvic organs

External (Transabdominal)
The scan will first start as an external scan over the bladder which acts like a window to see the pelvic organs.

Internal (Transvaginal)

If the external scan is not adequate, you will be offered the option of proceeding with an internal scan at no extra cost. In some cases, an internal scan would be required to better diagnose what is seen on the external scan.


There will also be a qualified chaperone present in the scan room along with the doctor.

How do i prepare?

You will need a full bladder for the ultrasound. Try to drink 1 to 2 pints of water 30 mintutes before your appointment time. If we need to do an internal ultrasound, we will ask you to empty your bladder in the toilets provided.

Why patients choose us?
Adrianne Davey
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I would thoroughly recommend Acorn clinic. Personally I have been very well looked after by Pretesh - I got in touch re pain in my foot... & after having insoles in my shoes & then a scan... followed by a cortisone injection, my pain has now gone! All within weeks! Excellent
Tracey Bevan
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The Acorn team are fantastic. Had severe pain in my foot and ankle area. Was seen by Pretesh who referred me for an ultrasound and then injection using ultrasound of my tendon with Dr Junaid. Was really scared to be honest at first as I am dead scared of needles but Dr Junaid was very good and skilled. Pain is now much better and I am on the rehab program with the podiatry team.
Kelly Chester
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Received a professional service for my shoulder scan. Was seen by Dr Junaid the consultant who was excellent and I received the ultrasound images with the report. would recommend.
Martin Jarr
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Had been waiting ages on the NHS to get a scan of my shoulder... so when I saw this service available on the high street I was surprised. Scan was organised for the same week, totally worth it. Actually got a diagnosis for once....Dr Junaid was very thorough and explained everything.
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